Il Rip-Dev ci ha consegnato l’Installer 4.0

Il Rip-Dev con un’email giunta questa notte, ci ha consegnato l’installer 4.0. La nuova applicazione, presenta numerose novità, sia nell’interfaccia che nelle funzionalità. La stiamo testando e non appena avremo pronta una recensione ve la forniremo.

Questo è il messaggio che ci è giunto:


First of all, let us express our deepest gratitude to you for supporting Installer 4.0. Below, you will find the links to the current beta and everything you’ll need to launch your own repository.

First things first. You are getting this because we trust you. No, we have never met you, but we believe in people and their best intentions, so please, don’t ruin our trust by distributing these files. The Installer beta was specifically crafted for you and you get an individual URL to download it.

Why all this secrecy? Simply because (and you’ll see it yourself), the itself is quite unfinished to be used by general public… yet. We plan on changing this within this week, and are thinking it’s a great opportunity for you to get ready for the launch, too.

Please direct all the bugs you find to This will allow us to gather the reports in one spot and address them more efficiently.

The beta itself (your personal copy):


To install:

1. Upload the to the iPhone via SSH to /Applications folder.
2. Make sure the permissions are set to 755 on /Applications/

3. Make sure the permissions are set to a+srx on /Applications/ your iPhone.

Once again… Please DO NOT DISTRIBUTE. :) You are allowed, however, to post screenshots on your blogs and whatnot. :)

The code and documentation for the repository:

Thanks again and please email us with any questions, comments, or bug reports. :)


Team RiP Dev